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  • NPO - Nothing by mouth, even water.


  • For Questions regarding exams call 252-522-7088.
  • Please alert us at the time of scheduling if the patient is or has been a welder, or has ever had metal in their eyes.
  • Please be aware that mechanical equipment such as monitors and/or IV pumps are not allowed in the MRI Scanner room.
  • MRI may be contraindicated in patients who have pacemakers, aneurysm clips, or other implanted devices.  Please call 252-522-7088 ext: 7874 to discuss if the exam can be done.
  • Table weight limit is 450lbs.

Special Procedures/Angiography

  • All procedures must be scheduled. Please call 252-522-7088.
  • Patients will need to be NPO after midnight the day prior to their test.
  • Lab values less than 72 hours old (PT, PTT, Lytes+,CBC) are required.
  • Table weight limit is 355lbs.

Diagnostic Radiology

  • For Questions regarding exams call 252-522-7088.

Nuclear Medicine

  • For Questions regarding exams call 252-522-7088.
  • The majority of Nuclear Medicine scans require an injection through an IV site.
  • Table weight limit of 350lbs.  Please call if patient is over the weight limit to discuss.


  • For Questions regarding exams call 252-522-7088.
  • For inpatients and emergency dept. patients a 20g IV or bigger is needed for all CT's requiring IV contrast.
  • If a patient is receiving iv contrast it is recommended that they be NPO a minimum of 3 hours.  (non-emergency patients)
  • If the patient has ever had an allergic reaction to iodinated contrast media, please alert the scheduler.
  • Table weight limit is 400lbs.

Cardiac Catheterization

  • All procedures must be scheduled. Please call 252-522-7087.
  • Table weight limit is 355lbs.
  • Patients will need to be NPO after midnight the day prior to their test.  
  • Lab values less than 72 hours old (PT, PTT, Lytes+,CBC) are required.


  • For Questions regarding exams call 252-522-7088.

Lenoir Memorial Board votes to pursue strategic partnership with Novant Health

After a yearlong selection process for a strategic partner, the Lenoir Memorial Board of Directors has unanimously voted to pursue a partnership through a management agreement with Novant Health, hospital officials announced today.  The decision follows a thorough search and exploration process led by the board to select a partner who would best position Lenoir Memorial for the future of healthcare and create a stronger health system for the Kinston community.  "For more than a century, Kinston has had a community hospital and the chapter we're beginning today will preserve that legacy of local healthcare for future generations," said Gary Black, president and CEO of Lenoir Memorial.  "Through an affiliation with Novant Health, we will further enhance the services we provide, ensuring that high-quality care remains close to home."  The Lenoir Memorial Board now enters discussions with Novant Health to structure the terms of the partnership, leading to the signing of the management agreement, which the board hopes to finalize this spring.


Affordable Care Act and Healthcare Marketplace

Lenoir Memorial plays a vital role in educating uninsured patients about their coverage options and helping them navigate the Marketplace.  There are several ways to apply for health coverage.  You can apply online using a laptop or desktop computer.  (You may not be able to complete the application using a smartphone or tablet.)  You can also fill out a paper application, apply over the telephone or apply in person at certain sites.  Find out more about the different ways to apply here.  Certified Application Counselors (CAC) are available within Lenoir Memorial to educate consumers and aid them in completing an application for coverage.   If you have questions or wish to set up an appointment, you may contact Terrence Body, social worker at 252-522-7977, a patient accounts counselor at 252-522-7000 or call 800-318-8596 at any time of day, seven days a week.  Or visit


HealthLink - Fall 2014

Check out the latest edition of Lenoir HealthLink! Download the pdf.


Health Needs Assessment

Lenoir County Health Department and Lenoir Memorial Hospital are conducting a county-wide health assessment. Your opinions about our community are important to us. Please complete the 2014 Community Health Assessment survey located at this link  https;//





Farmers Market pre-ordered deliveries at LMH

Join Chelsea Sutton from Natures Touch Farm in LaGrange as she explains the pre-order process and describes products available from local farmers that will make access to fresh, local, and organic options easy for pick up at LMH.  Pre-order online every other week for pick up on alternate Tuesdays outside the Minges Wellness Center.  Pre-ordering online opens July 14.  Information session are on July7 and July 10 at 1 p.m. at the Minges Wellness Center in studio A.


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MRI Nuclear Medical Scanner